about us

pharmazad with more than 20 years experience in global food supplements industry....we manufactured more that 800+ types of supplements products spread all over pharmacies & supplments stores

Our Aim

because we seek your satisfaction & your health in parallel we have aquired I.S.O 9001 & I.S.O 22001 & N.F.S.A accreditation and many certificates like GMP's & Hygiene all of that to facilitate reaching each family and make their life and health better

Our Message

as a food supplement pioneer we serve families all over the world during covid-19 catastrophe by feeding the market monthly with hundreds of vitamin-C & lactoferrin products

Our Values

policy 1

we manufactured products for clients who sells these products for customers...we seek those customers satisfaction

policy 2

transparency is the foundation of trust we offer products with open , non- proprietary formulas

policy 3

honesty & integrity more that anything we will make what right for our and your customer